AI based prediction engine for logistics and transport companies

Know when your customer needs you. Before she needs you. Or turns to competition.

Aineed itBenefits

Your transaction/sales history is an asset – we put it to use!

If there are patterns in your customer’s behavior then we can find it. Our AI engine works like a virtual salesman – from sending out complex pre-filled orders for customer confirmation to generating simple call lists – it is all automated.

How Aitoldyou works

Increase sales

Increase sales

  • Beat the competition – make an offer before your competitors
  • Sell to existing customers first and spend more time working with new leads
  • Get more business from your existing customers by knowing their needs before they do
  • Let the machine do the pre-sales for you – act on qualified leads
  • Sell more with less sales representatives
  • Handle peak sales volumes without added staff
Improve Customer Service

Increase Customer Loyality

  • Be there for your customer before they turn to you. Or turn to competition.
  • Find patterns in customer behavior to increase loyality, enabling to handle risk customers proactively before they leave
  • Make more specific and personalized offers
  • Know more about your customer than they do
  • Increase customer satisfaction by making their life easier
  • Make co-operation with your company more convenient and pre-fill orders with relevant data
Reduce costs

Reduce costs

  • Optimize purchasing and logistics based on sales predictions
  • Virtual salesman who works 24/7, does not complain or require salary increases
  • Optimize your stock, know when it is the right time to order
  • Save days on time consuming jobs by optimizing your employees work assignments
  • Less FTE (full time equivalent) to increase sales footprint
  • Automate processes, to minimize manual work

Get a real time feed of generated revenue and saved time!

Customer feedback

“We gained insight into our customer behavior that we did not think was possible and we are able to sell to customers about whom we never had insight before. Our whole sales process changed from reactive to proactive. Also we managed to retain 3 customers that were about to leave within the first week of use!”

Our Team

This is not our first rodeo. We have all been working as consultants in IT for more than a decade. Together with one the world’s largest logistics companies we are finally building our own solution for the future. This is our pièce de résistance.

Andres Aavik

Andres Aavik


Juhan-Madis Pukk

Juhan-Madis Pukk


Endrik Linnamäe

Endrik Linnamäe

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